Are You Too Old For Sex?

Sex improves heath because it is a form of physical exercise and mental stress-relief. It is a bonding moment for couples and an escape from life encounters. The sexual desires do not go away with age. If this happens, you may need to seek help from a doctor. Some drugs also cause sexual desires and orgasmic function to fail.

No one is too old to have sex. At any age, the romance and spark can still exist. However, there are physical changes that occur as time goes by but they are in no way a killer of the bedroom fun. Some senior citizens still enjoy a vibrant sex-life. As long as one is physical and mentally health, there is reason why they should not have sex.

At the age of 80, children and career fail to top the list of priorities. They no longer dominate your day to day life. You will probably have quit formal employment and children will be all grown. They may even be living away from you. Therefore, a strong relationship with you partner is very significant. Sex is good and strengths the relationship.

However, how are you able to balance between old age and sex?

1. Accept that things have slightly changed. Your sunset years are not the same as your sunlight ones. Some changes are negative while others positive. Sex life can be one of those positive changes where you know what works for you and therefore enjoy sex better. Be confident with your body and have an open mind.

2. Inform your partner of your fears and desires. Also listen to your partner and try to understand each other’s position. Be open, spirited, accommodate new suggestions and employ current-world tactics.

3. Be tender and intimate through touch. Utilize the time that most people do not have on their hands to go on dates. Also share pleasant romantic messages and words. Plan to spend time together for fun activities. Proclaim your love for each other, touch and hold hands. Find activities that bring relaxations and which might help with getting you in the mood.

4. Try different positions to find what is acceptable to both of you. Pleasure and comfort are a priority. Have time to create the mood for intercourse. In addition, try sex when you are both energetic.

5. Body and life changes may take a toll on the relations. When you get wrinkles, loose a job and kids get married. You also have to worry about your performance. Discuss with your partner and accept some of these changes that are inevitable. It is important to note that fulfillment comes in many ways other than through intercourse. Kissing and other intimate sexual contact are also important.

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